Youth Hostel Bezigrad

Slovenija Ljubljana with its surroundings Ljubljana Kardeljeva ploščad 28

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The Youth Hostel Bezigrad is one of the largest Slovenian student homes. During the school you can find more than three hundred pupils and a few students living there. Employees are trying to make an important contribution to the welfare of all students in the home. To Pupils and Students provide support on the path of growing up, learning assistance, counseling and providing opportunities for quality use of free time. Each room in the student dormitory has its own bathroom. Common rooms are kitchen and living room. In some places it is also a separate classroom. Students feel very well and cooperate with each other and help each other. Most of the students in the home are from the same school and same classes, which help them to fulfill daily tasks. The Youth Hostel Bezigrad is located close to all major schools. The Youth Hostel Bezigrad employees are very attentive to the academic success of students. For all those who have problems in tests, organized learning aid, by students or by teachers. Even teachers are keen to help with instruction in their field.

Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Hostel 0 m2 Accommodates: 5 guests Minimum Stay: 1 nights Checkin Time: Checkout Time: LZC-278165