Student home SŠGT - Radenci

Slovenija Prekmurje Prisojna cesta 4, Radenci,

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The boarding school SŠGT Radenci operates within the school, which has been educating the generations for catering and tourism for fifty years. The student dormitory is located in the immediate vicinity of the bus station, in the center of the health resort Radenci, which is famous for the Salt springs, which brought the name of this place in the image of three hearts into the world. The picturesque flow of the Mura River, which is a border river between Prlekija and Prekmurje, is interesting for boat rides, and from the right to the left bank it is possible to take the ancient boat. Above the valley of the Slatina springs, the sloping slopes of Kapelskih gorica, which offer wonderful views of the landscape along the Mura River, extend. The boarding school SŠGT Radenci has 60 rooms. Most of them are double rooms, and some rooms are also triple. The sanitary facilities are shared by 4 oz. 6 rooms. Each room has WI-FI. If your trip takes you to Radence, you can also enjoy longer stays with breakfast, lunches, snacks and dinners - in addition to overnight stays in orderly rooms - in short, they adapt to your desires and needs. Overnights are offered already for 16,00 € per person. They also give discounts to larger groups. Guests can use the following facilities: fitness, outdoor playground, multimedia classrooms for larger and smaller groups and a multipurpose hall. For recreation, you can organize hire of a sports hall at the school, as well as swimming in the Zdravilišče Radenci. The hostel is in the Youth Hostlov Network. IYHF members have 10% discount on overnight stays.

Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0 Furnished Apartment house 0 m2 Accommodates: 120 guests Minimum Stay: 1 nights Checkin Time: Checkout Time: GGS-340972