Apartments Sara Malinska

Croatia Kvarner Island of Krk Malinska Mire Ostrogovića 4

from €37 per night

Apartments Sara are located in Malinska, a famous tourist town on the island of Krk. The whole building is renovated and consists of five studio apartments, two rooms and one large apartment for up to 6 persons. If necessary, the rooms can be combined with studio apartments 1 and 4, in a large apartment with a large common balcony. All guests are provided with parking and grill. Apartments are 300 meters from the sea, 80 meters from the market, 50 meters from the market, 300 meters from the town center, and 80 meters from the nearest restaurants, bar and bakery.

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Apartment house 0 m2 Accommodates: 28 guests Minimum Stay: 1 nights Checkin Time: Checkout Time: RTO-715885