Croatia Zagreb and its surroundings Eko izletniška kmetija Bistrički

Vladimir Bistrički Vladimir Bistrički

Eko izletniška kmetija Bistrički

Croatia Zagreb and its surroundings Ulica Hrvatskih branitelja 14 , Osekovo

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Tourist farm Bistrički is located on the edge of Lonjsko polje - Nature Park, only 55 km from Zagreb in the village of Osekovo, famous for its numerous nesting white stork and rich historical and cultural heritage.
Eco excursion farm Bistrički extends to 5.000 m2 of courtyard and 20.000 m2 of additional space, where each guest has the opportunity to get to know and feel the traditional life in the village. The friendly family Bistrica takes care of a rich offer of home-made, organic, healthy food and beverages (carp "on raspberries", odor, lamb with spit, boiler, home-made sausages and cheese, bread from a baker's oven, home-made desserts and much more). The farm can also accommodate larger groups, which are hosted by Vladimir, who is also a guide for the Lonjsko polje, with trains for sightseeing, or you can ride on bicycles (archaeological site from the Roman period, traditional Moslavina farm, nesting place Štorkelj and of course Lonjsko polje all the way to the Lonja River).
They also have 2 rooms with 3 beds, which are well equipped (balcony, terrace, air conditioning, TV, internet). Outside, you can grill grilled, and pets are welcome. Tourist farm Bistrički will remain an unforgettable experience and you''ll want to come back.

Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Tourist Farm 0 m2 Accommodates: 5 guests Minimum Stay: 1 nights Checkin Time: Checkout Time: VAJ-323771